Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time Somebody Told Me

Time Somebody Told Me
That I am lovely, good and real
That I am beautiful inside
If they only knew
How that would make me feel.

Time Somebody Told Me
That my mind is quick, sharp
and full of wit
That I should keep on trying
and never quit.

Time Somebody Told Me
How they loved and needed me
How my smile is filled with hope
and my spirit sets them free
How my eyes shine, full of light
How good they feel when they hug me tight.

Time Somebody Told Me

So, I had a talk with myself
Just me, nobody else
'cause it was time
Somebody Told Me.

Quantedius Hall, "son of Reality," age 12
From You Hear Me?


Anonymous said...

wow. we reead this in schoool and i love it <3 thank youu

Anonymous said...

wonderful! brought to my attention by a student and will be used to help empower young boys in an upcoming event. Thank you

Anonymous said...

We have write a poem inspired by this one at school. That kid is so strong. I lobe this poem!<3

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this poem! I feel really connected to this poem because I feel the same way. I was hoping that perhaps you knew the author?

Monique Bradford a.k.a. ~The WifeyMommyPreneur a.k.a ~Mo' Love said...

Love this poem! Thanks for sharing~ :) For the person that wanted to know the author... It's C. Tillery Banks.

Anonymous said...

This poem put a smile on my smile on my face it means much to me now and I'm happy to have read it.Thanks to the person who told me to read it!

J.D. Dugger said...

I love this poem. I first read it in a book I purchased from a book sale Sharon Draper had in Memphis. It is sooo inspiring and motivating. It is great for young adolescence with low self-esteem. I also think it is a great piece for dramatizing.Students have used this poem to learn how to write poetry,journaling and creating original monologues. Keep up the good work and write more. You are an inspiring young writer for other teens and adults. It's a moving poem and I love the writing style.

J.D. Dugger, Colonial Middle

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for putting this here! I read it somewhere and It was inspiring so I had to find it

Kendra Oke said...

I agree :)